What do you reckon? I know I don’t care.

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Mitchell and Webb poke fun at the maddening world of television news “interactivity”, because really..

What possible reason could there be for you not to email us, certainly ignorance shouldn’t be a bar.

News parody has filled many posts on this site, including Jeremy Clarkson’s commentary on the state of news, Melanie Bellamy with the standing news, Dead Ringers high brow jab at Newsnight, and of course all that Chaser stuff.

8 Responses to “What do you reckon? I know I don’t care.”

  • Ooh! She said the Wirral where I’m from! And I can just confirm that yes, everything is fine. šŸ˜€

  • I’ve been yelling at my tv for ages because of this issue. I couldn’t give a stuff what random members of the public think. It’s pointless. I was so glad Mitchell and Webb did a sketch about it. When I saw it, for some reason I had a feeling it’d appear on here eventually.

  • Is this show still on the ABC? It wasn’t on tonight.

    Anyway, these clips are gold, especially the first one.

  • If you like your news parody, please please PLEASE track down a copy of The Day Today on DVD.

    Failing that, YouTube.

    It’s just perfect. It’s one of the most perfect shows ever made. I love Mitchell and Webb but it shits all over these clips!

  • Oh my god, Omsack speaks the truth. You need to get some ASAP.

  • Love Mitchell and Webb. So true.

  • Love the show! I agree, the sketch is pretty accurate.

  • Non-UK readers might be interested to know that Mitchell and Webb are also “Mac” and “PC” in the UK version of Apple’s “Hello, I’m a PC… And I’m a Mac” commercials. Perfect casting!

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