No Cars Go on New Years Eve.

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As boring as it is to watch fireworks on television, last nights coverage of Sydney’s NYE celebrations did have one saving grace.. they played “No Cars Go” by Arcarde Fire!

I first heard the song when it was used in a promo for Top Gear, and have been totally enamored by it ever since, listen to the song in its entirety below:

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  • Yeah, that’s a good song. But my favourite of their’s is ‘Cold Wind’ which was specially made for my favourite programme: Six Feet Under.

  • Damn, 74 MB for the flash version? Is it possible to have a smaller file for the flash version, my internet connection is not so great, and to watch it smoothly I would have to pause the clip at the start and, keeping the window open, wait 20 min. I would download the Quicktime/iPod version but Quicktime lags on my Windows machine (I wish I had a Mac!)

  • Jon K. have you tried VLC Media Player for Quicktime? Rather than Quicktime Player aka the bloated piece of junk.

  • Thanks for the tip! Tried playing it with VLC Media Player and it worked a treat. Wish I knew about VLC before, QuickTime used to always give me headaches

  • VLC is pretty amazing. It can even play partially downloaded torrents

    As for “No Cars Go”, thanks for making me notice it this time around! Great song

  • Does anyone know if the music they play on the broadcast is also played on the ground where most of the people are? The fireworks seem to be in sync with the music but I’m not too sure.

    And also, don’t forget to vote for this song in the Triple J Hottest 100 –

  • I’m looking foreward for this years NYE fireworks.

    Will this years fireworks also placed here online? I hope so!

  • Tomorrow NYE 2008 Sydney?

  • In case anyone is interested, the first 30 seconds or so of music before No Cars Go is the beginning of the Maestoso section in the second movement of Symphony No. 3 in C Minor by Camille Saint-Saëns. Extra piece of trivia: The theme that you hear in the symphony right after this was used as the theme for the 1995 film Babe.

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