This Week in Current Affairs: 11th April

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This week’s lesson: Humiliation

I’m the treasurer of the Pussycat Dolls fan club

Blame, dignity and a little incest, all in a days fun for the Chaser. Their continued and brutal attacks on A Current Affair and Today Tonight undermine the entire genre and with special appearances from Chas’ parents, some of the funniest five minutes on television.

Catch the whole show from the Chaser’s website or through their iTunes link.

5 Responses to “This Week in Current Affairs: 11th April”

  • My dad was seriously freaked when he saw the chas manure scene – freaky… one of the best!

  • Sadly, this week you cannot catch the whole episode through the ABC Vodcast. The posting is missing the JTV Wolfmother & Ad Road Test segments. Which annoys me, because I didn’t catch the episode on original broadcast, and was relying on the vodcast to give me the whole episode.

    Any chance you could post those two segments onto your fantastic blog? šŸ™‚

  • Matthew, there will be a repeat of the show on Friday night (11pm) and if you have ABC2 there will be another repeat at 830pm Sunday.

  • thank god others think this about fox news…it’s just too….patriotic.

  • The Chaser boys never fail to make me laugh. Great blog by the way.

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