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Introducing.. BBCNN Sky-jazeera 24

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For the first time in the history of 24 hour news networks, four global broadcasters have come together to produce the same program. The event was part of a campaign to free kidnapped journalist Alan Johnston who went missing one month ago yesterday.

Jeremy Bowen who anchored the special started by saying “about the only good thing to come out of the last month is the way Alan’s colleagues, especially here in the occupied Palestinian territories, have rallied around him.”

A commendable use of resources, something that should be considered again for any number of worthy things.

3 replies on “Introducing.. BBCNN Sky-jazeera 24”

WOW you thought of this first ^^;
I was thinking yesterday night of asking you if you could record this video for us (saw it yesterday in italian news network)…you can see how these 4 news networks introduce their brand (I hope I could see more of Al Jazeera). It is historic indeed…

Speaking seriously, I hope they find Alan Johnston, and I hope he is find too.

PD: your “BBCNN Sky-jazeera 24” joke was funny…reminds me of the “CNNBCBN – An ABC Division” joke on The Simpsons

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