It’s not an ident, but it is my birthday. Part 2.

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It seems like only a year ago today I was turning 21… now as a 22 year old facing his first birthday on a (full time) work day I’m so thankful I like the people I spend eight hours a day with.

In keeping with the tradition I started last year, here is the latest Sony Bravia advertisement. And, while this one is a hell of a lot more dramatic then ‘bouncing balls’ I think there’s something about the use of Heartbeats that will keep last year’s ad my favourite.

Here’s hoping they’ve made another one by the time I turn 23 (or I finally give up on this blog, whatever comes first).

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    and let me tell you that this is my favorite ad…I actually saw a video of how they made it and believe me: it is real paint! (no 3D graphics involved!)

  • Cheers! Have a great day.

    I love both Bravia commercials, thanks for putting this one up.

    And John, please, don’t ever give up this blog! 😉

  • Happy Birthday, John!

    Oh, and you are NOT allowed to give up this blog! 🙂

    great job!!!!!

  • Happy Birthday John! 😀

  • Happy B-day pal from Miami, here its Tuesday night still and tomorrow the 21st will be my 23rd B-day, so i’m glad to say i have a favorite site with a piscis webmaster and dude i also am thankful to like the people i work 8hrs a day with, even though its a hell of a job i do (boat parts construction)….so from the magic city to the other side of the globe happy birthday again and don’t even think about shutting dowm this site.

  • It *is* real paint, but I’m sure there was some CGI stuff to remove those exploding barrels… anyway, the ad/s have their own website ( And happy 22nd!

  • Happy birthday mate.
    Apparently these tower blocks are being demolised (if they haven’t been already). Great ad though.

  • Happy Birthday! Keep up the good work!

    Oh and the flat which was used in the ad was demolished later on. What a way to go!

  • Hope you had a great birthday, John. Keep up the superb work.

  • Happy birthday mate!

    They just had to use that piece of music, didn’t they? I think I’ve watched A Clockwork Orange too many times. Exploding paint and ultraviolence go together better than you might expect. Or I might just be really weird. XD

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