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France from afar: ARTE

The French ARTE channel (16.7mb) >> To comment and see more visit

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I may be back in Australia, but thanks to a very helpful French reader of this blog called Jean-François, I’m happy to be able to show off some of the French television I didn’t get time to record during my weeks stay in one of my new favourite countries. These clips are from ARTE, or Association Relative à la Télévision Européenne.

The first video is “a promo for an evening schedule + one promo + ident + explanation for “bicanal” (viewers can chose to listen to the program either in french or in the original language)” while the second video is “the channel opening at 2 pm with a promo for what is coming next and an ident”. More French television to come!

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arte is a french-german tv station which broadcasts in french and german. the news are in either french or german, depenting on the presenter, the other language gets a dubbed version of the news.

Very simple and nice. One thing I was wondering, is that clip croped , ‘cos endplate/line-up’s title safe area seem kind of small…

Cool post by the way!


very inteligent graphic idents ^^
actually, this channel reminds me of another channel in Latinamerica called “People Arts” (from the BBC & Discovery Channel) since they both have the same color identity and almost the same graphics though I wonder if they are related (is “Arte” part of the BBC?)

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