A new world Monday evening

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I’m in Hong Kong waiting for my connecting flight to Paris and moderating comments… when my new best friend “SBS dude” commented this video from the relaunch of SBS news, which starts Monday.

Also, Sam from zspace, the folks behind the new ABC1 idents also commented here. Thanks everyone!

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  • I’m beginning to like it already, the music is very noticable and BBC-esque. 😀 The graphics are remarkably cleaners than it’s predecessor.

  • That looks beautiful…but sadly it doesn’t make up for the ads. 🙁

  • For goodness sakes, its ads get used to it. We who PAY for Pay-TV have them. You can surely put up with them on a FREE Channel?

  • Really don’t like where the logo ends up – those of us who don’t live in Sydney get a bit annoyed when everything seems so Sydney-centred, and this seems like a graphical representation of that bias.

    Why not centre it on the country – it’s big enough!

  • god calm down mike, you always have to ruin peoples places with your stupid comments.

  • Umm, Mike, sorry to break it to you – it is not a free channel.

    Our taxes pay for it.

    And as I don’t watch the commercial stations, I am not ‘used’ to programmes suddenly stopping at crucial moments so that Super Amart can continue to plug their sale (whcih must have been going non stop now for 20 years!)

    So, NO, I won’t ‘get used to it’ – introducing in programme ads is a terrible decision, and it totally changes the atmosphere of SBS, for the worse.

  • Kev, that’s a bizarre interpretation of where a logo happens to end up on a map, a little over-sensitive don’t you think?

    I’m sure there’s no subliminal “isn’t Sydney great” intention, for instance you could say that because they’ve obscured all of Northern NSW and most of Queensland SBS will no longer be including news from those areas……but that would be just as ridiculous.

  • internet: serious business (second time i say that in this site)
    You are right…it’s very BBC-esque and the music has an impact…This one became my favorite news opening from australia (sorry, BBC News is still my favorite)

  • Crikey had an article about how stan grant absolutely ignores Mary, never speaks to her and barely acknowledges her existence yet he chats away to the sport girl

  • I think SBS has made a decision to avoid banal banter between presenters, but having said that, Mary looked like she’d rather be anywhere than in those New World promos.

  • In regard to the perceived Sydney bias of SBS, it’s interesting to note that if you check the weather on their web site, many countries around the globe have several of their major cities listed, eg. China: Beijing, Chengdu, etc… Australia (according to SBS) has only one major city. It’s Sydney (!). And no – Mary doesn’t look happy, but the new graphics are FAB!…


  • The ident still seems to suffer from too much overlayering but it’s nice to see an absence of robust ‘swoshing’ 3D effects.

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