European TV Videos: Idents

Live from the floor of my hotel: TF1

In France, thought I’d post something (400kb) >> To comment and see other videos visit

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I thought I should at least post something from this trip of mine, not 100% sure what it is I’m even posting here, but I head back on Saturday so English speaking normality should resume next week. Happy Australia day from Paris.

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Damn I love European presentation. I think this is the package I was talking about when I said one of the channels had funky presentation!

I think you shouldn’t just stick with australian & UK idents…your other international posts like this one or the swiss one were nice too! I think it’s very interesting to discover other idents arround the world…

If i had the tools, I would also post the ones I see here in Italy…which would be only 3 (news presentations) because RAI & Mediaset really really need a graphic design intervation ASAP (though the RAI logo is nice, the idents remind me of…1995)

Hello John,

As a French visitor of your website, I can tell you what it is.
The first three idents are ad bumpers that open and close ad breaks.
The last one is a promo for a Thursday evening schedule.

TF1 is the main private owned broadcaster with around 30% of audience share every evening.

If you’d like, I can record some idents from French Tv (over IpTv or DTT) and send them to you.

Have a nice trip back to Australia !

I hope my english is not too bas and understandable at least.

These are the stings which are at the begginning and end of french advertisment breaks. The PUB stands for publicity and the full word is shown on some channels! My favourite french channel back in the summer was france3 with the fish idents and stings! Dont know if they still have that though?

Yeah they’re break bumpers; the “Pub” is short for “publicité”. I’m not too sure why the draw attention to the fact you’re watching an ad break though…

What do you think of the French news pres? could you post some of it? and what about the other French TV channels? creatively named France 2, France 3, France 4, TV5…

The first 3 idents are PUB’s (or “publicitaire”) wich means the start or the end of a series of commercials.

The latest ident is just a ident for a some French programs on TF1. Ce Soir = Tonight
20:50 R.I.S. Police Scientifique = something like C.S.I. but in French. Not for children under the age of 10.
22:45 La Méthode Cauet = a French talk show with Cauet.

Nice to see some idents of Télévision Française 1. I hope to see some more in the future of other TV stations.

Basing on what I’ve seen on the French television channel shown in cable here in Manila, I’ve got to say French news presentation is pretty good. Slick, to say the least. And very polished.

I think France 2/3/4/5 are owned by the same people, and I gotta say I love their logo (and anything involving their presentation in general)… boy, I do wish they’d be posted here some time.

Australian viewers can catch France 2’s news at 9.20am, and 4.40pm weekdays on the SBS World News Channel, from which I’ve uploaded a few snaps on Flickr (these are from a few weeks ago).

There are some nice touches in there, such as listing the names of all the people who worked on the report at the end.

Just an answer to Jack@ireland about “I’m not too sure why the draw attention to the fact you’re watching an ad break though…”

Ad break bumpers are an obligation in France since the begining of advertising on TV. Originaly, it was for showing to viewers that they were not watching regular programs on screen. Now it’s the same, but they also represent the channels identity.

I love those. French presentation in general is very nice as i often uses vocals for its jingles and has a very creative touch.

These graphics were introduced last summer (winter in Australia) the day after the World Cup ended. They were preceeded by a similar theme that used the same PUB letters. In the commercial breaks during the World Cup, one would see a crowd of PUB letters celebrating and holding a sign saying “Allez les bleus”. I recorded a lot of presentation when I visited France, but unfortunately I can’t watch in in colour at home as the French use another system for colour television.

In many (most?) European countries the broadcasters are obligated to mark the start and end of a commercial break verbally or visually. On television, this is done by using a variety of bumpers with the word “Commercials” (publicité, werbung, reklamer etc).

I’m interested to know if alot of european TV channels change idents and logos [etc] before or after each football [soccer] world cup? I know the ‘JOURNAL’ on DW-TV[played on SBS] changed their look during the world cup and they’d had their previous set and graphics since atleast 2003……………………i love that newscast!!!

you can find historic graphique from these channels in my web site :

France 2 named before : rtf2, ORTF (2ème chaine couleur), antenne 2
France 3 named before : c3 (couleur 3 ORTF), f.r.3 (France Régions 3)

or more here :

Hello,i am looking for someone who watches TF1 everyday please,i would like to have the website to watch this channel LIVE everyday,i tryed everything i cant find it 🙁 please i really want to watch TF1,i live in CANADA.And i would like to watch the loft story show on my computer please,thank you to reply to me.Mathilda

Being a 16 year old kid english kid living in france for 5 years now, i have to say that TF1 has good idents, the previous ones seemed a bit stuck in the 90’s if you see what I mean, the last of the 6 french main channels is m6, a relitivaly young TV channel, who has quite interesting idents… I have to say I love english TV but French graphics are relly good!

Thanks for putting them here, if you want me to send you some; feel free…

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