Speaking of that Top Gear lust


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I’m a relative new comer to Top Gear, I’ve only been watching it for about a year, but it has blown my mind, and my love for it has nothing to do with cars…

There are three major reasons I watch the show, and for each of the reasons I have a catalyst point. The first reason is the phenomenal style and production that the segments are shot in, my first introduction to this was when Clarkson drove a Land Rover Discovery up a mountain in Scotland. My second reason for watching the show is the drama of the races, the first one of these I saw in full, and probably the reason I started to religiously watch the show is airing next week on SBS, and its the race to Oslo, with Clarkson in a Mercedes, and May and Hammond in a boat, so don’t miss it.

(And the third reason? I’ll get to that soon.)

5 Responses to “Speaking of that Top Gear lust”

  • Same reasons as I do. I’m not really into cars, only into the slickness – such tricky people, Clarkson, Hammond, May and Stig – I end up learning more than I wanted to. Not to mention they’re sometimes a crazy bunch of test drivers.

  • Visit http://www.finalgear.com and download some episodes – really anything from 2003 on is fun. A recent favourite is [08×03] – the lads all decide to build amphibious cars (with predictable results) – all good fun šŸ™‚

  • Same here. I’ve only been watching for about a year. I’m not a big fan of cars at all but I can’t believe I’ve missed out on such a fantastic show for so long!

  • I watch Top Gear for the hosts, the cars and also the production quality.

    Overall, the amount of things they do, as well as the production elements, really make the show.

  • Oh yes. Top Gear is here, and I hope to stay. It’s seriously the best show on television. I reckon that if enough aussie males got a look at this show – it could be a hit – I mean, Top Gear loves (and I mean loves) the Monaro!

    The Amphibious car episode is one of the best yes – The Toybota. SBS has screened some episodes from series 5 and now are half way through series 6. Series 1 to 4 are also a good laugh.

    It’s funny because I started watching this program as an absolute car novice and now I know at least a thing or two. Unfortunately now I know everything in terms of naught to 60 (mph) and miles per gallon which is another problem altogether.

    The best race is yet to come – The Bugatti Veyron against a private aircraft – that’s special.

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