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Speaking of that Top Gear lust

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I’m a relative new comer to Top Gear, I’ve only been watching it for about a year, but it has blown my mind, and my love for it has nothing to do with cars…

There are three major reasons I watch the show, and for each of the reasons I have a catalyst point. The first reason is the phenomenal style and production that the segments are shot in, my first introduction to this was when Clarkson drove a Land Rover Discovery up a mountain in Scotland. My second reason for watching the show is the drama of the races, the first one of these I saw in full, and probably the reason I started to religiously watch the show is airing next week on SBS, and its the race to Oslo, with Clarkson in a Mercedes, and May and Hammond in a boat, so don’t miss it.

(And the third reason? I’ll get to that soon.)

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Same reasons as I do. I’m not really into cars, only into the slickness – such tricky people, Clarkson, Hammond, May and Stig – I end up learning more than I wanted to. Not to mention they’re sometimes a crazy bunch of test drivers.

Visit and download some episodes – really anything from 2003 on is fun. A recent favourite is [08×03] – the lads all decide to build amphibious cars (with predictable results) – all good fun 🙂

Same here. I’ve only been watching for about a year. I’m not a big fan of cars at all but I can’t believe I’ve missed out on such a fantastic show for so long!

I watch Top Gear for the hosts, the cars and also the production quality.

Overall, the amount of things they do, as well as the production elements, really make the show.

Oh yes. Top Gear is here, and I hope to stay. It’s seriously the best show on television. I reckon that if enough aussie males got a look at this show – it could be a hit – I mean, Top Gear loves (and I mean loves) the Monaro!

The Amphibious car episode is one of the best yes – The Toybota. SBS has screened some episodes from series 5 and now are half way through series 6. Series 1 to 4 are also a good laugh.

It’s funny because I started watching this program as an absolute car novice and now I know at least a thing or two. Unfortunately now I know everything in terms of naught to 60 (mph) and miles per gallon which is another problem altogether.

The best race is yet to come – The Bugatti Veyron against a private aircraft – that’s special.

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