Monthly Archive for July, 2006

First run West Wings start Thursday.


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The ABC has gotten through its backlog of West Wings and premiere episodes are starting. This is the one minute extended promo for this weeks episode.

Well that didn’t take long.


The Chaser’s War on Everything didn’t seem to appear on iTunes (direct link) untill Sunday and within the day it jumped from #34, to #18, and today it toppled Rove for the #1 spot.

JTV still doesn’t seem to be listed yet, but it will interesting to see where that lands, and hopefully the ABC will reveal some download figures as well.

In summary.. this is awesome.



I started working full time for the first time in my life about a month ago, and in an orgy of random gift giving I bought four of my friends iPods last week, above was the resulting mess from my hastily planned surprise Christmas in July for them.

Bloody Sunday episode #3

Todays episode without music, my radioshark flipped out for a little bit in the middle so I couldn’t record about 15 minutes, sorry. If the player above doesn’t work for you just download from the link below, or just press the eject looking button.

> MP3 Download (50:09s / 23mb) Recorded from Triple J 101.5 Canberra.

Four to the Floor: Another missing piece


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The newest of the Channel 4 idents, this one set in a dockyard.

I’ve since added it to the original post, so short of a new one being made in the last week see the entire collection here.

This week in current affairs shows: Part 14


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This weeks lesson: petrol prices

I’m going to cut down on my Chaser posts now, I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome with the entire show getting freely podcasted, so go forth and download from the Chaser website or through their iTunes link.

I’ve consistently posted this current affairs segment though, so with the hope of getting a full set I’ll keep it going.

Radio on the television. The jtv opener.


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Just finished watching JTV, and it seems very cool, I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I was really impressed, its really casual, and I hope they keep up the 3-4 cameras running at a time, its so much better then getting stuck with a static shot… it kind of made me wish I worked for Triple J, not that I wasn’t already thinking that.

Why am I so excited about podcasting?



Maybe its the democracy of it, or maybe I’m just a huge geek, but today the ABC offered for download their first video podcasts, and I’m frieken psyched.

Available for download are The Chaser’s War on Everything (75mb) and JTV (38mb). You have the choice of MP4 or Windows Media formats.

They both have their own consumer advice (left) and don’t seem to have any rights management, I’m not sure if international users will be able to access the site, but good luck to them.

Subscribe to the feeds:
> The Chaser’s War Vodcast
> JTV Vodcast

The quality is pretty good for the file size, and don’t forget you can play the MP4’s in full screen in iTunes and VLC so don’t worry about not having a video iPod.

Hopefully Media Watch, Spicks and Specks and the news are just a “trial” away.

Tonight’s Chaser: Chris Taylor on Triple J

Chris didn’t make an appearance on Canberra radio this morning (or I missed it), but he did talk to Dools and Myf on Triple J in the afternoon. Topics ranged from knitting, to Sexpo to JTV.

> MP3 Download (19:12s / 8.8mb) Recorded from Triple J 101.5 Canberra.

ABC trials video podcasting for The Chaser and JTV.


The ABC has just announced that it will begin a video podcasting trial tomorrow of entire episodes of The Chaser’s War and a specially produced version of JTV.

The podcasts will be available for download Fridays evenings. The press release says that the podcasting trial will continue for the run of the two shows this year, (before hopefully expanding).

They couldn’t of chosen two better shows to trial this with, and I guess now my weekly Chaser highlights have officially been usurped, and if the thousands of times that the two full episodes of The Chaser that I offered for download are anything to go by this should be huge. I can’t wait to see where this lands on the iTunes top ten.

Visit the JTV and Chaser’s War websites for more info.