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Why am I so excited about podcasting?



Maybe its the democracy of it, or maybe I’m just a huge geek, but today the ABC offered for download their first video podcasts, and I’m frieken psyched.

Available for download are The Chaser’s War on Everything (75mb) and JTV (38mb). You have the choice of MP4 or Windows Media formats.

They both have their own consumer advice (left) and don’t seem to have any rights management, I’m not sure if international users will be able to access the site, but good luck to them.

Subscribe to the feeds:
> The Chaser’s War Vodcast
> JTV Vodcast

The quality is pretty good for the file size, and don’t forget you can play the MP4’s in full screen in iTunes and VLC so don’t worry about not having a video iPod.

Hopefully Media Watch, Spicks and Specks and the news are just a “trial” away.

7 replies on “Why am I so excited about podcasting?”

I’m in the Philippines and (have currently given up on) downloading on a dial-up connection. This is still the best thing I ever had to see in days – weeks – months – I’ve long wishes to see full episodes without waiting for days to download the entire thing. And I have followed your highlights and can’t help but laugh with the road tests and current affairs.

Oh gosh, you’ve turned me into a foreign Chaser addict!

At least you’d get the chance with the BBC/ABC hook-ups, although some Aussie stuff couldn’t possibly apply there. In our case, probably the people don’t really care – I’d beg even ABC Asia Pacific (which carries ABC shows around the South East Asian region) to carry it. Then again it’s rated M.

Oh, and I’m working on a faster connection so I’m downloading the episode. Can’t wait!

Too bad though I might have missed up on the other road tests.

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