Surprise Spruiker: Rabbitohs


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Hat tipping and swearing… the AWB? Nup, the South Sydney Rabbitohs

5 Responses to “Surprise Spruiker: Rabbitohs”

  • The Spruiker segements are getting kinda old

  • Old? Poppy cock!

    However their is something wrong with the video files provide, they both freeze for several seconds at the :45s mark.

  • *there

    My bad.

  • Who is this other Ben posting under my name?! I do agree with him about the Suprise Spruiker (Shutup 027), but I feel violated! Give me my identity back! I’m dobbing you in to the Chaser!

  • My God!

    After careful examinations of this impostor “Ben’s” blog, I have come to the conclusion that he is me in disguise as myself. He’s like my mini-me. Seriously. He likes the Chaser. NOBODY likes the Chaser except me (e.g. “Ben, why do you watch the Chaser, it’s so crap! You should watch something good like Australian Idol or Big Brother the Xteenth series”) Shutup Joseph.

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