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Top Ground Gear Force.

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If you thought mash ups were only good for combining The Killers with The Clash, think again! Top Gear has again collided head on with another show for charity. Last year it was Top Gear of the Pops for Red Nose Day, and now we have the comedic train wreck that is Top Ground Gear Force, all in the name of raising money for Sports Relief (over £19 million so far).

Top Gear again shows its amazing range and breadth in this comedy of errors, I can’t think of another show scripted or otherwise that so seamlessly switches one episode to another between comedy, drama, slapstick, visual beauty and adventure the way this show does.

I’ve said it before, but I love the one-off formats and genre transcending content that comes out of British television in the name of charity, its not always great, but at least its kinda fun and inventive (just like that Killers mash up).