Foxtel Videos: Openings

But before I go.


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I’m sure you’ve already seen this on YouTube, but now that its been used as the actual opener for this weeks new episode of the Simpsons (the Ricky Gervais episode), I thought I’d share it again in this context.

They cleaned it up for use in the episode by adding the ‘created by’ credits etc. I don’t think Sky could of could have imagined how well this would go.

Foxtel Videos: Idents

The first Foxtel Friday: FOX8


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In an effort to post some actual idents I thought I’d introduce this semi-regular column.. Better Know a Foxtel Channel (aka Foxtel Friday). So without further ado, Part 1 in this 63 part series…

First channel off the ranks is the networks flagship channel, FOX8 (the fightin’ eighth). FOX8 rebranded itself recently and continues to be the highest rated channel on Foxtel, thanks no doubt to The Simpsons.

Wikipedia also notes that it is “one of the very few channels to have been continuously broadcast since Foxtel’s foundation 10 years ago.”

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