ABC1 Videos: Openings

At The Movies: Opener


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After making the big switch from SBS to ABC last year David and Margeret renamed themselves ‘At the Movies’ and got a new opening sequence, I really like it. Their old show on SBS, ‘The Movie Show’ got some new hosts and I might upload that opener as well.

This opening sequence was done for the ABC by Australian visual effects house Animal Logic.

ABC1 Videos: Idents

Who is coming.


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Some of ABC’s new idents are hybrid promo’s for other shows on the network. So far i’ve seen this one for Doctor Who, one for their new reality show Outback House and one for Elvis by the Presley’s. Will post anymore if I see them.

ABC1 Videos: Idents

ABC’s Style.


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There are countless numbers of these ABC idents and I’m not a huge fan of them, some are better then others but basically they’re all just professional “home videos” with some CGI thrown in.

I’d love to see the ABC launch a whole new set of promos, everything else on the network is so fantastic, its a shame their idents are so ordinary.

ABC1 Videos: Idents

ABC’s twist.


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This series of idents has been running for ages on the ABC. They update them now and then but you can still see ones that are years old get an airing, which is either a sign of longevity or continued budget cuts at Australia’s national broadcaster (which is completely ad free). All the promo’s end with the tag line “every *something*, everyones” ABC. In this case its “every twist”. The tag is a reminder that the ABC is owned by the taxpayers of Australia.

There haven’t been any real stand out versions of this ident, but whatever I can find I will post.