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Those crazy Danes. The absurd world of DR2.

Danish network DR2 takes you on quite a trip.

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During a recent episode of Oprah (yeah thats right) I came to the realisation that Denmark might just be the coolest place on Earth, that said I’ve never been.

And if these messed up idents for public broadcaster DR2 are anything to go by, it’s probably also a very creative, perhaps absurd place.

According to Wikipedia the DR2 channel is something of a Danish version of BBC Four which might go someway to explaining the playfully insane and visually pleasing eight idents contained in the video.

– Produced by DR Design. Thanks for the tip Niels.

4 replies on “Those crazy Danes. The absurd world of DR2.”

I really love the style of television idents from the Northern Europeans like SVT or DR,they made fresh,and clean TV interface that lots of countries don’t have.The sparkling particles in the SVT2 are very beautiful and it was the most amazing ident that I ever watched!

Whoa… I could probably spends hours rewatching these idents ttrying to figure out what happens why. I agree with triple e, Northern European idents are generally well-designed.

Love all of these. The only one that bugs me is the space-themed one with the audio mention of the space shuttle Challenger, which exploded shortly after takeoff.

Well, I have the pleasure of having DR 2 on my TV, because I live in Denmark. And just as the blogpost say, DR 2 is a bit like BBC Four, and therefor having these idents is (I think) perfect.

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