Ten Network Videos: Idents

Thursday Night Lights: The launch of ONE.

ONE is now on the air.

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Australia’s newest channel just launched. ONE, the new free to air sports channel from the Ten Network officially kicked off this evening at 7:30pm.

Check out the first two minutes of the new channel on air above.

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I’m in the ACT, and have a samsung full hd lcd. Do I need to rescan my tv? Cause I haven’t been able to get it.

DL: Like pretty much everything on telly nowadays, people who don’t happen to live close enough to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide or Perth won’t get the bloody thing. The reason why you can’t get One is because Southern Cross haven’t started broadcasting it yet. They say that they’ll launch it sometime this year, though.

okay, whilst I haven’t the feintest interest in sport, and these athletes have about as much collective charisma as a coma patient…. I have to hand it to ten. It’s a bloody effective launch. As always they do a brilliant job… and besides its not like i was watching any of the programming on ten hd, thats why the gods invented bittorrent.

And the reason why Southern cross isn’t broadcasting it? Because they can’t compress their bandwidth enough for their systems to be able to handle it. Mind you they’ve spent a fortune on their HD roll out. I’m told expect it in the second half of 09.


I don’t like how Ten axed their own HD counterpart after a little over a year but I agree with ya, this is a really effective launch. ONE’s graphics aren’t as good as TenHD’s, but I’ll get used to them.

BTW, your take on TV idents is eye candy. Great job on that.

Wow their logo is spookily similar to New Zealand’s TVNZ One in terms of typeface and the decision to go with the word ‘one’ rather than the numeral.

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