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Australia’s Funniest Home Videos.. still not funny.

AFHV gets a refresh.

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Australia’s Funniest Home Videos now has one redeeming feature.. this swish new title sequence and its very cool spaghetti lettering.

– Thanks for the video Alex, and sorry again for.. well you know.

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Oooh, C4D’s sweep nurbs strike again. It’s done quite nicely though even if this look has been done a gazillion time before…

And, of course, it not only isn’t funny, but it also isn’t Australian, considering that most of the videos are American anyway…

That is just ‘try hard’ and the music is cheese. Misses on both accounts and has no relevance to the programme content (which is try hard and cheese…hang on a tick)

What idiotic members of the public do we have to be as Australians – supposedly independent thinkers to have this garbage dished to us and force-fed comercials on the show and on ‘breaks” to the eyeballs?
Why are we allowing this trash to come into our homes? Isn’t about time we stood up and demanded better of our tv stations?

We are not American Idiots…why are we being treated as such? Do we not want an education for our children? Or do we want them to grow up dumber than a monkey eating its own snot from its nose – the one we had to watch on “Australias Funniest Home Videos”…that idea is not funny to me.

Thats my two cents of a rant. Thank you for your time.

I love motion foundry’s work… nice one.

I used to worked for AFHVS (it was my first gig in tv..way back in 2003..I wasn’t much use there, I was always trying to be funny)

Why is it funny to see a man kicked, punched, struck or crush his testicles?
Would it be as funny if a woman was struck in the same place?
Misandry thrives in this show.
And everybody thinks it’s funny.

Although I hate Nine’s entire branding, I quite like this new title sequence.

BTW, I believe that typo was intentional.

Is is just me, or is it about time this show calls it a night! For the last many years its been on the videos have the same results and the same cheesey voice overs that are just as unfunny. I’m a big believer in “You don’t like it, don’t watch it!” So I don’t. It just makes me wonder what’s happened to Australia’s sense of humour these days? Isn’t it ironic how the Chasers having child actors pretending to be sick is disgusting and wrong, Yet seeing footage of a child being hurt or humiliated that their parents decided to film and made sure the whole nation had to see, just so they can win a prize is hilarious!

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