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It’s Breakfast time for ABC2, digital gets serious.

Breakfast television coming to the ABC.

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Long time morning television rivals Sunrise and Today will face new competition from Monday morning, with the much anticipated launch of ABC News Breakfast.

The new service fronted by Virginia Trioli and Barrie Cassidy (formerly Peter Lloyd) will run weekdays between 6-9am on ABC2. With the resources, and the reputation of the ABC behind this new program, its likely to carve out an audience under whelmed by the commercial networks offerings.

It should also do wonders for the publics increasing recognition of ABC2 as a distinctly separate offering to ABC1, with the recent Paralympics also helping the networks impressive audience growth.

All this of course showing that one thing, and one thing only is going to drive the take up of digital in Australia: content!

3 replies on “It’s Breakfast time for ABC2, digital gets serious.”

this will be the biggest use of digital yet in Australia. I hope it succeeds.

…but i am nervous. Some of the aspects look a bit amateur.

i cant wait to see it tomorrow.

I forgot to watch this yesterday – was it any good? If it is I might switch from The Today Show although Today has been much better this year in quality and ratings.

Also – there was no coverage done on the recent relaunch of Nine News which got rid of ‘National’ in its title.

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