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Please don’t Telstra. Oh crap, you already did.

French telco Orange is getting into the film making business.

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France Télécom, the parent company of telco Orange, recently entered the world of film, with the launch of its own production company Studio 37.

Studio branding has always interested me, and although Studio 37 is far more subtle than the big studios, this beautifully crafted spot by French agency Moustache is 20 seconds of self described “movie clichés” all done without over emphasisng the fact that its owned by a mobile phone company.

Unfortunately for Australian’s though, our largest telecommunications provider Telstra, has also just revealed that its getting into the movie business, by turning a horrible series of ads into a film.

Telstra: 1. Progression of Australian film industry: 0.

1 reply on “Please don’t Telstra. Oh crap, you already did.”

As long as it doesn’t involve Steve Furst unfunnying his way across the screen, good job. Damn that man annoys me!

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