SBS Videos: Top Gear

The first two minutes of Top Gear Australia.

The international expansion of Top Gear has begun. Hello, Australia.

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We’ve been promised a distinctively Australian version of Top Gear, so far though it resembles a distinctively franchised version of “regular” Top Gear.

As with the British version of the show, they’ve used the beginning of the first episode to tease us with what’s in the season ahead, which should give you a good idea of what kind of show we’re in for. As always, judge for yourself.

3 replies on “The first two minutes of Top Gear Australia.”

It’s on torrent sites, but of course this blog or myself couldn’t condone such an activity! 😉

From the clip above it does look like a copy and paste of the format, but to be honest I have no idea what ways they could change without it not being Top Gear.

Just heard channel nine are considering Doug Mulray / Shane Warne / James Morrison for the show. AWESOME NEWS!

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