Nine Network Videos: Promos

Shouting at Channel Nine. It’s a national pastime.

Take a trip back to 1990, when people liked Channel Nine.

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“You make me want to shout”.. is not a slogan I would associate with a television network, there are just too many ways to turn it around on them.

But then again this hilariously bad promo for Channel Nine is 18 years old, coming to us from 1990. And perhaps back then, times were simpler, and marketing departments didn’t have to worry about what bloggers would say about them.

– Thanks to Sam for digging this up from the archives.

6 replies on “Shouting at Channel Nine. It’s a national pastime.”

I swear I’ve just been sick in my mouth. I hate these adverts where EVERYONE acts up to the camera with their eyes open really wide and their heads turned slightly to the side! Too embarrassing for words!

I live in New Zealand but I spent six years in Australia and always looked forwards to New Years to see these clips.

As far as I’m concerned Nine will always be “the one” with me.

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