Foxtel Videos: Idents

The history of Australian television, by Foxtel.

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Since my constant shilling for all things Foxtel HD apparently knows no bounds, I figure the least I could do is post the advert for the new high definition service too.

The commercial is a trip through Australian television history, from the first transmission in 1956, to the introduction of colour in 1975, right up to the launch of Foxtel HD, which I’m afraid probably won’t go down in history with the kind of reverence that they were probably hoping for, but it is an ad after all.

The song featured in the video is ‘Lost in Time’ by Melbourne artist Whitley.

– Big thanks to Christian for the video.

11 replies on “The history of Australian television, by Foxtel.”

I think its kinda funny that Foxtel would put in a Rupert Murdoch double in their TV campaign.

The music is what makes it though. Would be a different thing altogether with Whitly

Also, it does kinda suck how you can’t whistle like that now without looking like a schmuck copying the ad

Kid must’ve been surprised when he laid eyes on Bruce Gyngell.

The whistles are annoying, though.

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