European TV Videos: Idents

Public broadcasting en España.

Spain’s public broadcaster RTVE relaunches (29mb) >> To comment and see other videos visit

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Corporación Radiotelevisión Española, or RTVE, is the state owned public broadcaster of Spain, operating eight television networks (including one just for classical music broadcasts), and six radio stations. Unlike the ABC or the BBC however, RTVE is financed with a combination of government funding and advertising.

Last week RTVE revealed its new branding, bringing together its aging brand into a “unified and common graphic language”. And although the new look isn’t expected to launch on-air until later in the year, the above video gives a thourough overview of the new look broadcaster, from its logos to stationary.

For a comparison of the new and old logos check out Brand New’s coverage.. and as for the song in the video, its ‘Take A Chance’ by The Magic Numbers.

– Thanks to Rocío from Summa for the video.

11 replies on “Public broadcasting en España.”

About time RTVE got a makeover, there current logos where so ugly and long overused. Although I wonder how long it took to think up the new logo. 🙂

I always thought the old TVE logos were classic. The RNE logos, however, have always been horrid. It’s a nice new look but IMO it doesn’t really suit RTVE.

such a radical change but also, such an awesome change. It’s odd because all your life you’ve been used to the old TVE logo (also, I can’t wait to hear the “telediario” news music & ident, it had such an impact)

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