BBC Two Videos: Top Gear

Top Gear gets ready for its 11th season.

Top Gear S11 starts June 22nd (7mb) >> To comment and see other videos visit

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The genre defying antics of the Top Gear team return to BBC Two in just a few weeks on June 22nd. And while I’ve gushed over the series extensively, calling it everything from television nirvana to the most unique and engaging hour on television I couldn’t let this promo for the shows 11th season pass without a mention.

Also, the shows executive producer Andy Wilman recently posted on the Top Gear blog about the upcoming season (including the promise of another race), as well as discussing the various international versions of the show in development.

6 replies on “Top Gear gets ready for its 11th season.”

Ok, the show is ok but not too convinced about the promo: all that camera work for nothing, moving it around for a dialog between three guys sitting at a table?

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