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Summer Heights High gets BBC Three’d

BBC Three promo for Summer Heights High featuring Ja’mie (4.7mb) >> To comment and see other videos visit

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Summer Heights High will have its UK premiere on BBC Three later this month. The show which had a successful run on ABC1 last year, went on to become this countries highest selling television series on DVD ever.

BBC Three, along with HBO in the United States acquired the rights to the show earlier this year, with both networks keen to point out the shows cult status and high profile fans, with the BBC’s press release noting that “fans include Kylie and Dannii Minogue, Nicole Kidman, Barry Humphries, Rachel Griffiths and Trey Parker.”

Having recently finished watching the BBC Three comedy Gavin and Stacey I’m confident that Summer Heights will fit perfectly onto the networks schedule, and with its target audience.

– And thanks to Andy for the video.

6 replies on “Summer Heights High gets BBC Three’d”

My ‘programme of the year’ last year.

Simply perfection. Glad to see others will be exposed to it.

Haha, this is so funny, I am watching it now on BBC Three (Y)

Ja’mie is so funny and Mr G is hilarious XD

Great blog, love using it!

i love summer heights high i watch it every single time its on i never miss a epersode and i like the atmosfear in it aswell

This show just makes you cringe but it is hilarious too – its a bit like the office but most of the people in this are not actors. This guy Chris Lilley is amazing! Last year it was compulsory watching amoung my friends, especially a teacher I know who said it was very popular with teachers here in Oz. I wonder what this guy will do next? Hi from Oz, John

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