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Australia = Kangaroos and Neighbours.

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If it wasn’t for the fact that I actually see kangaroos on a daily basis I’d probably be lambasting these Neighbours promos on Channel Five for there overuse of our national icon, but I guess its hard to argue with a cliché when you’re living in one.

In summary, Neighbours is leaving the BBC and heading to Five.

– Thanks for the videos Craig.

8 replies on “Australia = Kangaroos and Neighbours.”

hrmmm..neighbours moving to five…natasha kaplinsky moving to five..both from BBC…im not convinced it’s the greatest idea..

I can’t stand the way they’ve stuck those stupid kangaroos in it. They look awful. Otherwise, though, it’s an alright advert. I wonder if they’re going to make it into a big Australian hour with Australian continuity and a load of Ozzy stereotypes in their idents since Neighbours will be on before Home & Away.

Yeah it’s cliche. But I’d be disappointed if I didn’t see some stereotyping. It was missing some cork hats, someone shouting “You flamin gala!” and Paul Hogan though.

If it was ‘English Hour’ on USTV I’d expect nothing more than some British Bobbies, at least one Beefeater and some bad teeth.

Sadly I got out of these Australian soaps when they lost it back in the 90’s, but I’m glad they’re still surviving and we still have non-US but still foreign TV dominating our daily schedules.

It’s perhaps ironic that all characters are so excited that they are moving to five, as this will effectively see them disappear from British screens. Ratings for Home and Away tumbled when they moved that from ITV to five, and I can only expect the same thing to happen to happen to Neighbours…

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