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Getting ready to Gottaloveit.

Channel Seven’s song and dance (literally) about their upcoming programming (11.8mb) >> To comment and see other videos visit

seven gottaloveit

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Channel Seven’s song and dance (literally) about their upcoming programming.

13 replies on “Getting ready to Gottaloveit.”

It’s never a Seven promo without Kochie & Mel…

And is it just me or does that song sound like Evie, Part 3 (by Stevie Wright)?

It’s quite good at displaying all the new and returning shows along with the stars of them. It may not be a artistic circle rolling down a meadow but it gets the point across fairly well.

Ha ha ha ha ha… the more things change the more they stay the same, eh? I went looking for this promo I remember from when I was a little kid – – it absolutely reminds me of this new Channel 7 promo. The quality and graphics might be better, but really, they’re clearly from the same promo department!

nice find Stu! Haven’t they come a long way then?!
The good ol’ all singing, all dancin’ channel image spot ey.
Can the powers really believe this direction is going to resonate with anyone?

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