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Why did Channel Nine cross the road?..

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…to get to the middle. And thus sums up my opinion of Channel Nine’s relaunch of their on-air look. One day a commercial network in Australia will do something interesting or a touch daring with their appearance, but today is not that day. The screenshot above is just one of the many generic images that litter this video.

To check out some genuinely innovative and creative idents have a look at S4/C from Wales, good od’ BBC One, the always entertaining Channel 4, or how about even MTV South America or Australia’s SBS back when they played idents.

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This ident is awesome! It’s creative and innovative – plus it humanises the presenters! Well done to the Channel Nine design team.

According to MEdia Spy – the song used is Smile by The Supernaturals. However, it sounds as if they have had it done up a little.

I like the “new” look – its good to see the reliable old logo back which reminds me of when nine was a powerhouse, though I’m not sure it should have gone backwards – the dots in the spinning cube were starting to settle in nicely…but I’ve always like the opportunities the dots have given nine over the years – and they’ve used them well with this re-launch [flying into the logo]. Glad to see the long season intro promo is back – always interesting to see what they do / how they promote their stars. I think it will help them this year as many people associate the old logo with “Still the one” a theme I’m sure they;ll use again once they win back the ratings.

C’mon john! You have to give it to 9 for turning around and IMHO creating the best iden’t in australia (this seems to be the only aussie ident I have seen in ages where, there is no cg (oops, the island at the end 🙁 ) – I am getting sick of all this stuff that they have done in front of a greenscreen because they are too cheap to do anything else. Sidenote, Richard Wilkins is the only douchebag in the video who didn’t smile -_-

Yeah, it’s pretty safe, guys. Nothing much new here. There’s obviously been some money spent on it, which is nice to see. But just making something shiny and pretty with lots of smiling (plastic) faces does not a good ident make.

I think it does. If it’s fun, enjoyable to watch and you feel at home and comfortable with the ident and channel that you’re watching then it’s a good ident and it’s doing its job!!

I think Nine should be congratulated for attempting to be daring. IMO everyone should lighten up and see outside the square – the ident is simply meant to be a bit of fun.

Okay… as an outsider, I feel you may be looking at these relatively. Compared to other Australian pres, they’re good – but compared to others worldwide, they’re pretty bad.

Just wanted to point out that with the return of the dots in the official Channel Nine logo the header graphic (on needs to be changed.

PS. “To check out some genuinely innovative and creative idents have a look at…”, my personal opinion of those indents you later refer to is that they are for more interesting. However many of them fail to cross promote as much as this ident and thus waist allot of valuable air time.

I think they’ve gone safe and produced a look that will satisfy the masses. If they went way-out/super innovative, then we’d like it [being the minority] and the masses would hate it [being the majority] so they’ve done the right thing. As has been said before, the majority prob wouldn’t even notice that they’ve reverted back to their old logo….its only us nutties that appreciate good branding etc that notice these changes and take time to comment on them [as I said before, we’re quite the minority!]

Nine has pretty much lost the plot in my opinion. They keep rebranding themselves, changing on screen graphics and logos. It’s ridiculous. Didn’t they pay an insane amount of money to rebrand themselves not long ago? Pretty much all that happened was some genius took away the dots from the logo, and now they’ve gone and put them back again.
As for the ident, I think they are trying too hard. It’s very…’make me go puke in a bucket’ cheesy.
‘We (heart) tv’ …yeah I think not.

They’re not bad from an Australian perspective, still got a way to go to match UK standards though, although Nine appear to have been paying attention to how we do (or used to do) things here. All those hearts are very ’99-02 ITV1, with an equally cheesy slogan too.

this isn’t fair….some of you^^ have been saying that in an australian perspective this ident is good..but i totally disagree..yes we do have many bad idents…but we did/do have one network that really wow-ed me..and that’s ‘SBS’…they have the best most creative/artistic/ and simply the coolest most chic ident on australian television…globally it may seem to not match up to the bbc or nrk or channel for..but í really love the sbs idents..they’re complex yet simple..easy to understand and still interesting..and they’re easy on the eye…they let you escape all those commercials or hard-hitting ads that are flying at you ..and help you digest and remember what channel you’re watching….nine’s new ident’s do not do that for me…i don’t like seeing an image or manipulated image with a cg logo infront of it…that doesn’t interest’s un-creative and…just typical mainstream crap…i appreciate good design and an actual effort…nine’s new idents may’ve costed them a lot of money..but..that shouldn’t matter…its the idea behind it and the aim..nine’s aim…to “MAKE YOU REMEMBER THEM AND SMILE!”…so when a network like sbs who well wasn’t always profit driven…come up with a good ident simply to remind you that you’re on sbs…i respect them and appreciate it..anyways…thats enough babble for now

Just saw their Line-up ad’s for things like Pushing Daisies (bloody good show, terrible ad – miss direction of what the shows about, right down to the crappy aussie-pop soundtrack they’ve added to the ad) For a majority of the Ad you just see the “Dots” no nine, no nine dots… just the odd one or two..

Which leads me to say this – them’s not dot’s, them’s contact len’s and their adversing Accuview’s Lens not Channel Nine… Who signs off for this crap, and why are they still employed!

I thought it was great. And i never liked channel nine. The song selection was really good and now every time i see it i do smile because it’s got that whole light hearted feel to it that we associate with summer.

The only elements I didn’t like coming from this look all relates to National Nine News. a) The modified logo sucks, b) the music is horrid (the remixed version used before this change is WAY better than the original/current Cool Hand Luke cuts they’re using.

These people need gutting:
Karl whitebreadski, Stevie Alltogethernow, Lisa Zemanek, anyone involved in McLeod’s Daughters.

I hate Channel 9 for what it did to Six Feet Under, The Sopranos, Weeds.
And they broadcast the world’s most boring sport all summer. A slow, violent death to all at Channel 9.

Channel nine is a complete flop.

It has no direction and just copies everyone else. Pathetic. They are completely garbage.

They should just get oof air.

Channel nine used to be a quality channel,but now NO MORE.

I m sick and tired of ” you better smile” which they play every hour.

we have to reach out fast for the remote to mute that cheap jingle.

The other thing is the large CHANNEL 9 and those nine balls and above

all that, they place future shows like underbelly or whatever on the

bottom of screen near ch9 logo, bright enough to BURN IN those logos

in our Pioneer plasma, even with low contrast settings.

Message to ch9 :If you push too much to watch ,you turn viewers away.

And please remove “you better smile” and return to” STILL THE ONE.”

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