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The Christmas Penguins of BBC One.

BBC One gets Christmas-y with some penguins (3.8mb) >> To comment and see other videos visit

bbconexmas07 - Twango

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bbconexmasdrwho - Twango

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One year ago today I posted the BBC One Christmas ident for 2006, and in the spirit of consistency I give you this years Christmas ident, this time featuring the skating prowess of some penguins. Check out the rest of the BBC One idents right here.

And even though I’ve never watched an episode of Dr Who, the trailer for this years Christmas special looks pretty cool, and it goes with my whole previously stated appreciation of original programming during the holidays.

– Thanks for the videos Andy and Craig.

4 replies on “The Christmas Penguins of BBC One.”

You only think this episode of Doctor Who looks cool ‘cus there’s an Australian in it 😉

I flicked on BBC One the other day to find last years ident. I thought they lamed out but I guess it was just being used in the run up.

This one is so cute! The announcer seems like he’s watching it for the first time and all!

John, I can’t believe you’ve never watched Doctor WHo!!! It’s one of the greatest tv shows of all time! And this special looks fantastic!

I was like John last year, I’d never watched Doctor Who in my life but since I saw 2005’s Christmas special (The Christmas Invasion) I became interested and am now a fan. 😀

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