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Top Gear takes a spin around the BBC.

Clarkson drives through the corridors of the BBC (8.9mb) >> To comment and see other videos visit

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When Top Gear isn’t busy being the most beautifully shot show on television, or keeping us on the edge of our seats, its making us laugh, and this clip from last nights episode falls into that category. In the video, Jeremy takes the worlds smallest production car, the Peel P50 for a test drive through the corridors of the BBC Television Centre in London.

– Thanks for the video Craig.

9 replies on “Top Gear takes a spin around the BBC.”

That News 24 bit has to be fake! The graphics don’t look right. It’s a shame they’re selling off that building, it’s bizarrely iconic.

Oh god. Me too, I was laughing the entire length of that segment. The rolls royce and the bugatti race were awesome as well.

Lets hope they don’t sell off television centre. Maybe this could be done as part of Jeremy’s protest about the idiotic cuts.

The offices you see him driving around are all in the BBC White City building down the road (where Top Gear’s is based), only the exteriors and the news 24 shot (which of course was staged for the programme!) are in TV Centre.

odd….I saw that same car model in a historic film, during the aftermath of the milan bomb in piazza Fontana, 1969…

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