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The Stepford Wives of the new BBC One ident.

A new BBC One ident (1.9mb) >> To comment and see other videos visit

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The suburbs of Britain, and the well dressed women who mow its lawns are the focus of the latest ident release from BBC One. See the rest from this series right here.

7 replies on “The Stepford Wives of the new BBC One ident.”

I don’t get this one at all. BBC One is starting to become really BBC Two, this and the space ident would be better suited on Two, though obviously they’d have to do some pretty major editing to change the circles into a massive “2”! 😀

One word – Creepy. Ideal if BBC One picked up Desperate Housewives or showed “The Stepford Wives” film. 😆

I’m not keen on this one, although I like the new nature one and most of the original set

It would look perfect if the autons from Doctor Who was the main enemy in certain episode, then this ident would be perfect for introducing Doctor Who!

By the way, does anyone know where I can get a clean version of the ident? I want to listen to the music in full… (and BBC site STILL has not posted the new ident after five days after release..)

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