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Another Channel 4 and 20 Questions… interrupted. (Plus, a competition to design your own C4 ident)

What do you hate? A new C4 ident. (4.3mb) >> To comment and see other videos visit

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What do you hate? Thats the question that Channel 4 asks, then slices together with a set up prank as part of what I’ve dubbed their new ..interrupted series. I have no clue who the celebrity in question is sorry, so maybe someone can fill me in.

In other C4 news though, 4Creative is holding a competition to design a new 15 second ident, so if you think you have an idea worthy of joining this bunch of idents you can find out what you need to do to enter right here.

5 replies on “Another Channel 4 and 20 Questions… interrupted. (Plus, a competition to design your own C4 ident)”

Its part of a promotion of the Friday Night Project, a show featuring Alan Carr above, and Justin Lee Collins, who is featured in the other ‘interrupted’ ad

have u seen the ones with Justin Lee Collins where a house explodes and justin runs over to help the fire crew,

or the the girl in “extras” and “ugly betty” where she gets a phone call and gets told some bad news, and she starts crying.

or the one the Gorden ramsey where he plays poker, and gets drunk and smoke with old classic kids presenters like timmy mallet,orvil the duck, dusty bin and others

or the one with welsh classic/pop singer Charlotte church where she stops talking and shuts down like a robot the camera man puts his hand down her pants to reboot her back up.

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