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Seven’s 4.30pm News, now live in Kabul at 11am.

4.30 news goes live online (3.7mb) >> To comment and see other videos visit

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Seven’s 4.30pm news has become Australia’s first news program to simulcast live on the internet. The bulletin is available at and while I didn’t watch it today I understand it came with ads and all. Also on my list of things I don’t know about the service: if its available outside Australia. I’m sure the success of this will determine if its rolled out on other Seven news broadcasts.

While this would appear to be a first for Australia I have a feeling a few networks in the US also let you watch their news live online.

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“Nicole Kidman in action on the set of her movie”

Is that what news to Australians is these days?

The BBC here in the UK simulcast the One,Six and Ten news and also stream live their 24 hour news channel News 24 and BBC Parliament.
Although I think it’s only available in broadband quality within the UK.

Yes, NBC’s is, as well as CBS’, both with far limited advertising as compared to the broadcast editions. In Europe, I do know the BBC does it as well. ABC has a web edition, as far as I know.

lol! Even RTE in Ireland simucasts their news online!

One thing I have to ask, how come HDTV in Australia happened so early compared to other places? HD was only really properly rolled out in the UK last year which is weird since we’re usually pretty up-to-speed with techonlogy. I suppose the commercial networks in Aus show a lot of American programmes which already come in an HD format.

Yeah that is about the size of it. When they began digital bradcasting in 2001 HD was there from the start. However digital tv in Aus is not what it is elsewhere, there is basically no multi channeling or any extra content or anything like that. The Commercial networks did want to spend the money so they actually got the federal gov to limit it so no one would do it first! Also thanks to the Howard govt, broadband is Australia is basically dial up compared to the rest of the world. It is so slow. Telstra is too slack to do aything about it and out marvellous communications ministers says she thinks it is fine. Meanwhile businesses like yahoo7 and newspapers online are not able to access or provide good quality online content. And the opposition who want to roll out the world’s fatest broadband in aus got shot down by the gov!

but its such poor quality at the moment, grainy and discoloured !!!!! I hopw it improves, as for been live? live with a 25 second delay!!!

Today there were many cringeworthy efforts. Like Samantha’s stouch with Jeff Kennet, then when she didn’t know which camera to look at. And that report on Melbourne having its driest year on record, well it was done by a sydney reporter who spet about 1 min on melb then went on to say how some NSW towns are facing stage 4. Well I live in Geelong, in VIC, and we have been on stage four for a while! Not to mention, ballarat and many other places. Also the reporter made note that non-melbournians will have to stop calling melbourne rainy. Well can i just say melb on average gets 638mills a year (315 this year, that is 15 off being classified as a desert if it were our long term average). Sydney gets over 1000 a year! So who is the rainy city? We just get ours over more days and mostly in winter whereas sydney gets huge summer storms. And by world standards melbourne and sydney’s weather are quite moderate.

The 4.30 news should go back to being made in melbourne. Where it was done properly. 7news melb would never dream of running a story on Nicole Kidman on her new movie set!

LOLz to Bob’s first comment!

I nearly lost track of the amount of times ‘Australia’ was mentioned. I thought Australia was pretty clued up on world events (as opposed to ‘World News Tonight’ in the US which features one minute of world highlights in amongst its half hour of US based news)

If you want a non-parochial news service, don’t watch SEVEN. It is VERY ‘oz focussed’ and will often have stories such as ‘big crowds expected for football match’ ahead of ‘suicide bomber manages to kill Iraqi parliament members’. ABC and SBS have far more world coverage.

the 4.30 news, when made in melb, was very world focused, nearly as much as SBS. 7news at 6 in melb also has its fair share of world news.

Stu – You can change the video quality according to your internet connection. Go to settings, choose your quality, and press ‘Save Settings’. Then you can also double-click the video for full screen. 😉

Sorry Nick, but 7 News has NEVER been as world focussed as SBS. Just not possible. The only ‘foreign correspondent’ they seem to have is in LA!

Nicjk, melbourne did just as many of those nicole kidman stories as seven in sydney, face it. Everything comes from sydney now, Sunrise, morning, afternoon, today tonight and up late national updats. It does mention melbourne far more then it should. When it was in melbourne is was very melbourne based news, their AFL news drowned the sports segment. When its in sydney they give as much time to both AFL & NRL. I find seven are becoming very Qld concerned. When i was up their they had Anna Coren doing Today Tonight ad’s that were targeted at Qld “Hello queensland, tonight join me as….. ‘ and the 4.30 news has a lot of Qld news stories.

Melbourne is mentioned more than it should? Um? You do realise that it is the second biggest city by about 400 000 people only. It is the financial hub of Australia. Also I will point out AFL is supported in VIC, SA and WA with QLD and NSW teams, where as the NRL is only in NSW, QLD and VIC. It was not melbourne biased news at all. There were not city based stories unless they were major, that is why the “coming up at 6pm” segment was created. Now we have stories culled straight from Sydney’s news. It isnt as bad as 9 but it doesn’t make it right. The point is the focus should be National and Interntational news. And no there weren’t these lovely fluff pieces when it was made it melbourne. I don’t know if you have been here and seen but the news is almost completely different to that in Sydney. Completely different dynamic.

We will be seeing kyile back on 4.30 news again over the week few weeks. Ian ross is off on hoilidays so Chris Baths is filling in, means Sam is doing weekends in sydney. Which means we get kyile back, she is really good, i rate her over bec and for that matter mike!!!

Just read a press release on the seven corporate site. 7’s new morning show, The Morning Show, will be hosted by Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies. It appears like it will be similar to Sunrise, and will be made at Martin Place by the Sunrise team. It will start in June

lol theywere announcing the new show on sunrise this morning
did any body see it. I dont no how much more they can cram into that tiny-looking room on Martin Place i mean sunrise 3 7news bulletins and TT. They could bring production to melbourne ie naomis show. I m Sure some people agree with melol !

Naomi’s new show is made at 7 Melbourne Docklands bradcast centre. I should know, I attended the taping! Was marvellous! She is lovely

Also, I am not 100% on this but I believe tt is made at the 7 Pyrmont studios in Sydney.

No its from martin place too. Sometimes when they zoom out from the sydney news desk you can see the tt set in the corner.

Apparently ex Wheel of Fortune host Rob Elliot is becoming 4.30 news presenter this month! WHAT THE FUCK! Just because Deal or No Deal and Rich List host Andrew O’Keefe is good on Weekend Sunrise doesn’t mean I want Rob Elliot doing the news! Before the bulletin looses any more credibility it should be returned to Melbourne where production and news values were higher and Rebecca Maddern put back at the helm. Speakin of, she has been made full time Weekend Sunrise newsreader. She’ll fly to Syd every week and has been described by sunrise exec producer as one of the best talents the network has.

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