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France from afar: France Télévisions

Simply put: The BBC of France (2.4mb) >> To comment and see other videos visit

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This blog is about television idents, right? Sorry about my mid week Chaser-tangents, how about this though? Another installment of France from afar.

Instead of looking at a specific French television station though these videos promote the whole French national broadcaster; France Télévisions ranging from France Ô to 5.

Its similar, but a little more dramatic to what the BBC and Channel 4 do.

The whole thing is incredibly elegant, and this combined with the fact I saw Paris, je t’aime last night makes me wish I’d spent more time in Paris.

For more French Television, check out my posts on ARTE, France 3, France 5 and TF1,

РThanks again, Jean-Fran̤ois.

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I’ve seen this signpost before and I think it’s really impressive. I would prefer the BBC to use something like this rather than the catoony one they use at the moment.

Me too, the BBC used to be like this IMO…these are clean and simple.
thank you for sharing these with us!

Heh, prior to ’92 or so, France originally had only two or three public channels in operation, Television Francaise 1 (TF1), Antenne 2 (A2) and France Regions 3 (FR3). TF1 was privitized in ’87, and the other two channels were renamed France 2 and France 3 after ’92.

I’m French, the third channel was born in 1972 ! She called C3 for “Channel 3 or Color 3” (Cahîne 3 or Coulour 3), in 1974 Couleur 3 became FR3 (France Régions 3). In 1984 Canal+ (Channel+) is created, it was the first pay channel in France and “La cinq” (The five)is created, it was the first commercial channel. TF1 was privitized, and M6 was creat in 1987.

In 1992 “La cinq” was close, A2 and FR3 were renamed in France 2 and France3. After France 4, France 5 and France Ô was created.

France 2,3,4,5 and Ô are include in France Télévisions.

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