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Sunrise family values.

Lateline opener: Rudd on Sunrise (7.4mb) >> To comment and see other videos visit

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Last nights Lateline probably serves as a bit more of a coherent introduction to the Sunrise/Rudd story then I mentioned in my previous post.

The introduction and story also announce the results of a Newspoll published in The Australian today which shows Rudd remaining steady as “better PM” and the ALP up 2 per cent in two party preferred.

Sunrise has had its moments in the past, from Al Gore’s gushing over their climate change campaign, to David Koch at Beaconsfield and that snow joke (which might explain why Howard’s not a fan), but when yesterday’s biggest news story was the fact that Rudd and Hockey will no longer appear in their weekly segment, it shows the power the ‘sunrise family’ might potentially wield.

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Sunrise are great, I too am a family member and rarely get to watch the show, being a uni student, i am rarely up that early. I too certainly hope Kevin Rudd is our next PM. John howard is becoming mad with power.

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