Channel Five Videos: Idents

If you wanna be my Five.

The Spice Girls launch UK channel Five ten years ago (1.5mb) >> To comment and see other videos visit

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Channel Five celebrated its 10th birthday yesterday, the above is the start of the channel, and the Spice Girls guaranteeing it will be the new sensation (how did that pan out?.. i’m not being facetious I really don’t know what people think of it).

6 replies on “If you wanna be my Five.”

Oh god, the day they tried putting D.O.G’s on terrestrial TV!

Although Five is miles better these days, I can’t deny Channel 5 sounded so good on paper. Shame it was all just slightly…off.

john, its amazing that the station survived ten years inspite of this launch. disturbing, really.

Channel 5, or Five as it was quickly rebranded hosts a lot of US output – they’ve launched two digital spin off channels too. Their news is run by Sky News and I think the actual channel is owned by RTL, but basically it’s Ok- doesnt really add much. Shame as when it launched its news output gave it a real unique identity which others copied

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