ABC1 Ten Network Videos: Chaser's War

Sorry Ten, you’ve been Chaser’d.

The Chaser takes on Ten (3.4mb) >> To comment and see other videos visit

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Ten’s new idents got a serving last night for their love of imported content.

Download last nights entire episode right now from the ABC here.

7 replies on “Sorry Ten, you’ve been Chaser’d.”

Not quite the *entire* episode from the ABC’s vodcast of The War. Missing are the Qantas sketch (hint), the Free Hugs sketch (hint, hint) and Andrew’s tribute to Naomi Robson (h–oh, it’s already here) – probably due to music licensing issues.

this sketch is SO TRUE. People complain about the levels of UK content on the ABC…but noone bats an eyelid when the commercial stations FILL their schedules with US content, despite having many times the budget of the ABC.

On ya Chaser!

I thought the show seemed a little short on the vodcast. Still, an excellent show from what bits us Brits did get to see! There used to be a great website for downloading Chaser eps but it randomly disappeared a while back. Guess I’ll have to look into this bittorrent lark…

The reason that the commercial networks have the bare minimum Australian drama is because all their Australian drama – even the reasonably good stuff like that UK/Aus co-production on Ten last year that I can’t remember the name of – rates appallingly. Think HeadLand, Young Lions, Marshall Law. Even Neighbours is rating pretty weakly nowadays, and I fear for Sea Patrol when it eventually comes to Nine. That doesn’t exactly inspire the networks to pump vast amounts of money into drama development.

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