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Top Gear of the Pops.

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We’ve got Red Nose Day in Australia, and we even have some form of Comic Relief, but I’m absolutely struck with the intensity in which the whole campaign seems to over take the United Kingdom. This year alone they’ve raised over £40,000,000 and still taking your donations.

Among all the other TV specials they ran to motivate you to donate, the one that caught my eye was Top Gear of the Pops, which combined the now canned formats of Top of the Pops with everyones favourite car show Top Gear, all in the name of charity.. aww.

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I don’t agree with that, JL, I thought it was great. A really good merging of the formats. Obviously, it was never going to be full blown Top Gear (it was on a low budget), and anyway, it was only a bit of fun for Comic Relief. What I will say was rubbish though was the Vicar of Dibley – bit poor on the whole, even if it was only ten minutes.

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