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Studio 7 on the Sunrise Strip

The new Sunrise (18.5mb) >> To comment and see more from the relaunched Sunrise visit

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Sunrise relaunched its look yesterday, the above videos introduce the new set; take you on a tour of their new home; and talk about the new graphics along with showing off the new weather respectively.

Sunrise has never been about news for me, and Seven probably planned it that way, I still find the subtle humour and drama of the “cast” the most interesting part of the show. It reminds me of Aaron Sorkin’s Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, and while the behind the scenes probably aren’t quite as dramatic I’d like to think it would make for just as interesting a show.

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I think the new sunrise look is pretty cool…..the set looks nice and less tacky than the old orange and blue sunrise horizon sort of look they previously had. Their clock has now been moved to the left of the screen and i cant help noticing its quite similar to the BBC Breakfast clock……wide rectangle with a live sign above it………as well as that its quite obvious to me that they really idolize the most popular breakfast show in america ‘TODAY’ as they did exactly what i expected they would…….they’v copied the traditional NBC TODAY ‘sunburst’ but have changed it a little to make it more stylish and to make it their own…..and i must say they’ve done it well……so all in all i think they look alot less tacky than before, but i wonder how long it will last……………by the way….is nine going to launch a new morning show to replace the struggling ‘TODAY SHOW’ anytime soon?

I haven’t watched Sunrise for about 3 months (holidays – late sleeper) and they mentioned something about a new weather presenter last time I caught it. Have they introduced the new weatherperson? Who is it?

If Seven’s redoing Sunrise’s graphics package and set, can it go all the way and do the same for Today Tonight? Its current one is strangely lit and unpleasant, and as they’ve just confirmed Coren as the new host it’d be a good opportunity to make a clean break.

I agree with Bryn………….’today tonight’ should make a transition from the robsin era to the coren era…their current graphics package seems a little un-interesting and out-dated and their set to me just looks tiny……i mean sure the set can be tiny that doesnt bother me, but it shouldnt really look it…should it?

The music’s still Duran Duran’s “(Reach Out For The) Sunrise” but I think it’s a different take on it now.

As for the look… golly, it is slicker than slick. I especially loved the titles – so, err, professional. Made my spine tingle.

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