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Kath and Kim gets Silverman’d

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You’ve probably heard by now that Kath and Kim is being developed for America by Ben Silverman. It’s easy to poo-poo such a concept, but Ben Silverman is the man that brought us the awesomly funny American version of The Office, so before I make the obvious “how will it translate” remarks I’m going to just wait and see how it goes, it could work, it could be great, or it could flop.

So if its from Ben Silverman, and is going to be on NBC, will that mean Channel Ten will get it here?

(Also, does the American Office rate well in the UK?)

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As far as I know the American version of The Office hasn’t done very at all over here – it started on BBC Three, but I think now it’s in a late night slot on ITV2 oddly enough.

Should be interesting what they do to it – although judging by the all-star team behind it, it should be alright.

I hate it whenever a foregin programme goes overseas on regular US TV networks they have to “dumb it down” for the American audience. 🙁

Usually, in fact in 97% of cases I can recall, any British show that’s remade by another country (well, the US) makes for great late night filler on UK TV.

I don’t think there ever will be a time when a remake will become popular here, we’re all too “Pfft, we did it first!”

Saying that, I rate The Office (UK) as one of my all time favourite shows, and I still really love the US version.

I’ve been internetless for ages, great to have this site back in my life.

I thouroughly enjoyed the Austrailian version. Why do we in the US have to screw up someone elses creation? Leave it alone, it’s fine and get it back on.

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