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Channel Four and Twenty Questions

Explicit Language! Lots of swearing from Channel 4 (7.8mb) >> To comment and see more from the series visit


Favourite swear..

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Happiest moment..

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Favourite invention..

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c4song - Twango

First song..

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Update 27/5/07: Added “First song” video.

These three videos are part of a larger series asking the stars of Channel 4 shows twenty questions with each video being a collection of their answers. Celebrities featured in these include the stars of Six Feet Under, The West Wing, Scrubs, Lost, Desperate Housewives and The OC.

These videos are easily some of my favourite things I’ve ever posted on this blog. Channel 4 are just awesome at the stuff they can get their talent to do, whether its Judi Dench in a lobster costume or the cast of Lost in a Western they go to so much trouble.

If anyone has anymore videos from this series please email me.

Thanks Craig and Jody for the vids.

(Download the DVPAL of the swearing video here, its only 281mb.)

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I’ve always loved this campaign, but I really noticed it following the untimely death of Richard Whiteley, the host of “Countdown”. Just before Channel 4 aired the last episode he recorded, they played out a film where celebrities say how they would most like to be remembered. And, of course, following the logo, the last celebrity was Richard saying he’d like to be remembered as the first face on Channel 4. The placement of that promo was perfection.

These are brilliant! I though Australia was pretty liberal about swearing on tv, but wow! Can they actually play that or is it limited to late night, we can swear pretty much after about 8.30, I still don’t know if cunt is allowed, on network tv anyway,

“I still don’t know if cunt is allowed, on network tv anyway.”

I’ve heard it in Seven’s broadcast of Memento (started at 9pm), Nine’s broadcast of American Beauty, three times in one ep of Sex and the City, as well as appearing in Oz, Sopranos, Curb, Six Feet Under. Most recently I heard it on SBS’s Saturday night movie (Cowboys and Angels).

I can’t think of any Australian network TV programmes that have used the word uncensored apart from a sketch comedy on Channel 31 (I’ve heard it in Pizza, but it was bleeped. It was also used in an ep of Love My Way, but that’s FOXTEL of course.)

In the UK you say pretty much anything after 9pm (except cunt and mother fucker which are usually after 10pm). I’ve never seen this ident air on C4, I was wondering if it’s just one of those viral things for You Tube etc. They may be the kings of promos but I can imagine things going down hill next year: they’ve lost Lost to Sky, their quiz channel is about to be sold since it didn’t get enough revenue, their headline drama for autumn was actual shit on the television! Like ITV is a pile of turd now, I can just see this being C4’s worst season to date *cries*

I *believe* the promo was planned to air on TV but they were “discouraged” and it is only shown in the cinema.

I’ve seen all the promos aired on TV. The swear one had a warning and it was before a show called something like ‘The Top 50 Rudest TV Moments’ or ‘The Top 50 Swearwords on Live TV’ or ‘Don’t watch this if you don’t like swearing’

(Yeah I can’t remember the name, but it suggested that if you don’t like it, don’t watch it)

I’ve also seen it on a programme about virals!

But yeah I think the intention was a viral.

Thanks for the info about Richard Whiteley. That would have choked me right up if I saw it go out on that day.

I’m curious as to what piece of music accompanies the “Favourite invention…” ident.

Generally I try to find out things like this for myself before posting a request for help but after going round in circles for the last hour and half, this site, being far more informative than the official Ch4, is the closest I’ve got.



Hm, I want to watch the other 17 questions that they asked the celebrities. Lol, Derren has never been happy from day one..Bless him.

These are way cool – I love them on tv when they air and am now planning to use them in a class I teach to kids with behaviour problems – getting them to make their own with topics like “What is the most offensive swear word?” and “How do you control your anger?” and then usign imovie to get the kids video editing!

Way to go C4!

I really want to find more of these. I loved watching them. The only other one i remember is where they all say what age they lost their virginity, but there are definitely a few more. i’m surprised that they’re so hard to find

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