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Breakfast, and the other Sunrise.

The BBC Breakfast opener (8mb) >> To comment and see other videos, including the Sky Sunrise opener visit


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The opening sequence of BBC Breakfast (on the same set as Newsnight?) and Sky Sunrise, some of what Britain wakes up to in the morning. These clips are a few months old so you’ll have to tell me if things have changed in the world of UK morning television.

I’m not sure if the UK has the same “judge a person by what breakfast television they watch” (or don’t watch) that we seem to have in Australia, but it would be interesting to hear whats the most popular in the UK.

Check out the Today show and Australian Sunrise openers as well.

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The BBC set that is used by breakfast is used for all bbc news shows shown on bbc 1 and 2..
though news 24 uses their own studio

This is part of the revamped news on BBC terestrial channels. Newsround (News for children), Newsnight, BBC One/Six/Ten O’Clock buletins and Breakfast all use the same set. The huge plasma screen walls simply change the backdrop of each program and they wheel in the ‘local’ furniture for each program. BBC News 24, soon to be rebranded simply BBC News has its own set in a different area of the main Television Centre in West London. In a few years time however all of TV News will be moving to a purpose built central London office just ff Oxford Circus where currently a lot of the national radio stations are based.

SKY Sunrise isn’t very popular in the UK and in fact Sky News is struggling to keep up in terms of ratings with local competitor BC News 24 (although I’m probably a bit biased!) The main competition if you like is GMTV, the lifestyle and news program tht runs on ITV 1 at the same time as Breakfast on BBC One. GMTV is quite light and very human interest, whilst Breakjfast tries to be a bit more ‘newsy’ although it can become quite light too. GMTV used to be Europes most watched morning program, but I’m not sure if that still stands.

They only flip things around and suddenly it’s a different set, the BBC’s. Snazzy, though.

Although I find myself partly impressed with the Sky News set in general, with the rotating desks at the day passes by.

Wish you could upload GMTV’s…

Sky changed their openers today (or at least over the last couple of days) to get rid of the film bit. Now there’s just a countdown and they’re straight in to it.

I love the old Sky News intros, along with the older Sky channels in general. Probably the best idents evarrr. Check them out on TV Ark

I havn’t watched Sky News recently as i am getting fustrated by their incomptance to realise that they are not the best. Sky news has good presentation (but from what Ornsack says they have lost that) but the rest of Sky seems to let them down.

The BBC is the best out of the two. They also run “lite” programs of some BBC News 24\BBC World programs like Fast track and Reporters in the weekend.

Don’t try GMTV, its part owned by Disney.

BBC uses two similar sets. BBC News at 1, 6 and 10, Breakfast and a few other programs are from N6 (if I recall correctly) and the others (eg. Newsnight, Newsround) are from TC7 (IIRC).

The two different floor colours are where you notice the difference.

See the various reports on the TV Forum. That’s where I have got this information from.

Ah misinterpation… what i meant was John can put up the GMTV idents if he wanted to. As for reactions about GMTV, lets say it won’t be postive.

Disney supposdly has a 25% share in GMTV but i suspect it might be larger. And what have they used their share for? Using their kids slot to disrespect everyone else’s products!

I guess the BBC, being the public service broadcaster and the only one everyone in the UK with a TV set HAS to recieve would be more newsy, where as Sky News, which used to be the number one news channel in the UK, is turnung ito a British Fox News. It’s far too tabloidy to be watchable.

I live in Ireland where the state broadcaster doesn’t even have a breakfast show on TV (Well, they show EuroNews and repeats of yesterday’s afternoon shows on Channel 1 and Kids’ shows on channel 2). They plan to launch one in January 2007 but RTE are as good at planning as anyone. I plan to be loaded in 2007 but I won’t be!

The independent channel TV3 have had Breakfast TV since 1999 (Ireland AM – Ireland’s Number One (*ONLY*) Breakfast TV Show) but TV3 “News” is crappy enough as it is – never mind the morning presenters trying to sell me a timeshare!

BBC News 24 is RTS News Channel of the Year and Britain’s most watched news channel. Breakfast has won the TRIC “TV Daytime Programme” Award. GMTV is Europe’s biggest breakfast show, and Sky News Sunrise (or Sky News in general) has… nothing.

Besides the new set, another change to BBC Breakfast has meant the 2 main presenters now present the news bulletins (it used to be 2 anchors doing the main news story, and then a separate newsreader such as Moira Stuart reading the rest of the day’s news).

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