Channel 4 Videos: Idents

Four to the Floor: The (first) missing piece

The new from 4 (3.3mb) >> To comment and see the rest of the collection visit


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Last month I assembled what I thought was the complete collection of the current Channel 4 idents, apparently I was missing this one however.

I’ve since added it to the original post, so short of a new one being made in the last few week see the entire collection here.

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What the hell, my posts are not going on the site again when I click submit. Maybe it’s my iBook thats being naughty.

I was about to post about the dockyard one, after seeing it this morning, but Dan beat me to it.

What the hell is happening to my posts. They keep getting deleted when I post them from my work network. Again. Help me John, I’m paranoid 🙁

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