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Radio on the television. The launch of jtv.

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I love triple j, its an incredible radio station, it has great talent, plays great music and was the former workplace of Chris and Craig from the Chaser. And now its becoming a line up of shows across ABC and ABC2. The shows will include:

> jtv (friday nights before rage)
“What does triple j look like? Get into the studio and watch interviews and songs performed live by bands. You’ll see profiles on your fav presenters – Jay & The Doctor, Robbie Buck, Myf Warhurst, Zan Rowe, Andrew Haug, Scott Dooley, Caroline Tran, Mel Bampton and Richard Kingsmill. Fridays will also include a Hack segment with Steve Cannane.”

> jtv saturday (9am-11am saturdays)
“Rosie Beaton counts down the top 20 most popular triple j songs of the week, as requested by you guys on Super Request. jtv saturday will also play special video requests, new releases and highlights from the Friday night show.”

> jtv XL (9pm tuesday on ABC2)
“It’s a bumper edition of jtv! Tune in for extended versions of jtv interviews, live music, concerts, docos, short films and animations.”

Along with jtv live, jtv docs and jtv comedy, and the pre-existing jmag its quite the brand extension. I’m sure my age has something to do with it, but I have such a connection with the radio station, I get almost all of my music from it, I get most of my current affairs from Hack, and my ringtone is their news theme. I’m really looking to forward to this.

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Interesting this… it echoes what the BBC were going to do back in the day with Radio 1 TV – this evolved pre-launch into UK Play, but was so closely tied in with Radio 1 presenters that it was pretty much the same thing. This then changed to Play UK which moved away from this format, and had more comedy – inlcuding Matt Lucas and David Walliam’s excellent Rock Profiles. And then was finally axed.
The BBC tend to use their interactive channels for Radio 1, 2 and 6 Music live performances now, as well as BBC Three.

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