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The lissajous goes aitch-dee

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> Quicktime HD H.264
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Well, that wasn’t too shabby was it? A night of Planet Earth and Bleak House. Outside of the actual content of the shows I found it interesting to see a watermark on the ABC’s HD channel.

Admittedly I don’t flick onto the high definition stream too often but last time I did I remember there being no watermarks at all. The “HD” is probably a little big but apart from that I don’t mind the ABC branding this burgeoning television experience.

(I don’t think my computer was quite up for recording both the HD and SD streams of the ABC simultaneously so forgive me if the video jumps a bit).

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Over in the UK, we hate these DOGs (Digital On-screen Graphics).

Some people believe they contribute to burn-in on displays. Other people believe that they patronise the viewer, thinking that we can’t remember what channel we’re watching.

But they tell us that in this increasingly multi-channel environment, we need them.

It’s only there for native HD programs, which there are precious little of, so I don’t mind the watermark too much, I just enjoy the better PQ

You’ve just got to love that watermark. Totally beats the fat sponge you get with non-NCA programmes on what I assume is the SD channel. But I agree that the “HD” bit’s too big.

I honestly don’t mind the shape and size of the NCA watermark (similar to the one here, but without the “HD”) – at least it looks half-decent as compared to the regular watermark.

And don’t get me started on the Sunday morning NCA line-up watermark – it’s so small that it might as well not be there at all!

They just had to use the fat version of the ABC logo, instead of the new one (used on ABC’s idents) it looks ugly and needs to be more transparent like the SD watermark.

Well, they’re using the one seemingly designated for TV and Online operations – you see it all the time used to identify the ABC brand on-air (such as in Media Watch) and at the footer of most ABC Online pages.

There’s also the general use (mainly used by corporate and ABC Enterprises) one, which is grey-scale. Then there’s the first thin logo, similar to the one introduced with the current package.

There are something like six or seven metallic logos *in current use*. There are at least two metal tube logos no longer used.

And I’ve only seen the logo to which you are referring, Andy, used as a watermark for the netball that used to be on Aunty 1.

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