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This week in current affairs shows: Part 12

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This weeks lesson: re-enactments + celebrity fluff

The Chaser looks at some of ACA and TT’s better renactments, including a man having a stroke, a boss firing an employee and some very realistic fighting.

Along with James Thomas from A Current Affair and his efforts in producing five entire reports about the Urban/Kidman wedding with no actual facts.

6 replies on “This week in current affairs shows: Part 12”

fucking no! fucking no! you know how much trouble ive gone for you? you fucking monkey face! youre fucking out of here!

Do you think you could post a clip of the advertising cars segment, John?
The Nazi car and the “the right indicator doesn’t work so you’ll have to indicate like this” comment made me laugh so dam hard.

That clip was so funny! The silly re-encatment of the boss firing an employme made me think whoever thought of that was watching a strange mix of Sir Alan Sugar and Gordan Ramesy!

Seriously, who writes these current affair storys, tabloid writers?

By far one of the most funny episodes of chaser yet, “fucking yes” this segment and the smart cars peice made me laugh so much… post that up if you can

thank god for the chasers… pointing out the crap in this modern world

I remember seeing that employment reinactment when it went to air… I thought it was chilling (lol).

One of the best from this week was that Court TV thing… thought that was hillarious.

That was the most hilarious thing i have seen on television in a long time.

Fucking no, Monkeyface

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