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The return of Al Harding.

Light My Way is back! (6.2mb) >> To comment and see the other new ABC promo visit


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> Quicktime H264
> iPod Compatible
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In January this year I posted a series of ABC promos with a catchy tune called ‘Light My Way’. The awesome series was showing off the years upcoming attractions on the ABC.

“This is where your world starts spinning” quickly became the most searched term to find this site, and after somewhat confusingly refering to them as the the Garden State of idents the man behind the song commented in response to the collective kind remarks made about his work.

Well the ABC is back at it, this month running two new promos featuring the track, unfortunately only one of them with his vocals, nonetheless they are both visually and musically brilliant.

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Great promos, and great music… again. I can’t recommend Planet Earth enough, and I’m not really one for period dramas, but I did actually get into Bleak House towards the end – producing it as 30 minute episodes was a masterstroke and means it never gets boring.

Unfortunately the ABC will be broadcasting them in hour long editions. So the very thing that the BBC credited with Bleak House’s success (ie half hour episodes) won’t be in the Australian version!

Oh well, it will still be great.

I heard this first when I was about twelve, and I still remember it and love it. I remember being so disappointed that this wasn’t a full length song.

Thanks so much for making this available!

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