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This week in current affairs shows: Part 11

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This weeks lesson: overstatement

The Chaser returned tonight in excellent form after a fortnight off, this weeks lesson about current affairs show was all about the hyperbole they use…

Australia’s parking vultures, see how they methodically herd innocent motorists into their ambush zone, and once you leave your car they take it and hold you to ransom.

Or, the women who says her councils zoning decisions make her feel like she is living in Idi Amin’s Africa.

Admittadly I’ve never lived in an area that was under council rule (just self government), but I can’t imagine its anything like the murder and torture of half a million people, by a a self proclaimed ‘King of Scotland’ and apparent cannibal who “brought bloody tragedy and economic ruin to his country, during a selfish life that had no redeeming qualities.”

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Mate, you’re a champion! thanks so much for all the downloads, it’s fantastic to watch them again. Cheers

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